Pursuing Your

A passion fulfilled can transform travel into an indelible memory.
An experience that lifts your energy long after you’ve returned to your busy life.

We are buongustai, Italian connoisseurs of good food, and highly experienced hospitality specialists.

We create itineraries and events for people who share our love for good food, whether for personal travel or business.

We are meticulous planners and experts in the Italian terroir, bringing together resorts, cultural destinations and all things eating and drinking, from famous chefs to little known wine producers.

We’ll lead you to the discovery of the most authentic gastronomic Italy.

we Are

Travel & Savour is one of Raro Discovery’s passions. We are a close team of tourism specialists, travel designers, journalists and guides, with a wealth of experience in Mediterranean hospitality. Each of us has our own passion, Raro Discovery is our combined dream to help fellow travellers pursue their passions with inspirational itineraries. We are big champions of slow travel, taking time to connect with local culture, which all goes to create a more memorable experience.

Inspired by our passions

Travel & Savour is dedicated to those who share a love for good food, in Italy we call ourselves buongustai. This is the personal passion of Mattia Cinacchi who has a lifelong experience photographing the finest food, collaborating with Italy’s leading chefs. His camerawork has brought to life many programmes, including MychefTV and MyItalianfood. From local delicacies to Michelin starred phenomenon, he can reveal all.

Experiences Collection

Whatever your business goal: a conference, an event or a team building we can give a deliciously personalised and gastronomic touch to your activities.